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Capture One Pro Software

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RAW workflow for high volume photography

Capture One PRO is a RAW Workflow software designed for the professional digital photographer. The main reason why Capture One PRO is the perfect choice for high volume photography is that it is designed to handle many images at a time. On top of this, Phase One's RAW workflow is renowned for its excellent image quality.

Capture One PRO has unlimited batch capability, multiple output files from each conversion, advanced color editor to create color profiles to suite your own color demands, IPTC/EXIF (meta data) support and much more. Capture One PRO has with its many professional users clearly set standards for RAW conversion software.

Capture One PRO will take you from capture to final print within a few logical steps:

1. Load in RAW files from memory card.

2. Tag and sort the images.

3. Use the focus tool to check focus (and to ensure there is no unwanted Moiré in the image).

4. Set white and color balance.

5. Adjust exposure, contrast and color temperature (applied to all selected images by hitting the 'apply to all button').

6. Reduce unwanted noise or banding by means of the available adjustment sliders.

7. Apply the appropriate color profile.

8. Crop and scale image to accurate size.

9. Batch process into TIFF or JPEG.

10. Send the images to the customer and store the RAW file as your 'digital negative.'

It's simple, it's efficient and it improves the quality of your images.


Capture One PRO comes with 2 free updates.



Read about the benefits you get if you upgrade to Capture One PRO

Why go PRO?
Capture One PRO provides you with complete color control, advanced workflow functionality and cutting edge RAW technology. Capture One PRO is Phase One's flagship product. With PRO you will always get the latest technology and functionality developed by Phase One. 

Tethered shooting for instant preview
Shooting tethered allows you and your clients to preview captured images instantly on a color calibrated monitor. Image composition, verification and approval become much easier tasks. The client is more involved in the capture process, which will minimize the number of retakes. Capture One PRO allows tethered shooting with Phase One backs as well as many of Canon's digital SLRs.

Same workflow for all photographic applications
Capture One PRO supports RAW files from Phase One camera backs as well as a wide range of professional and semi-professional digital SLRs. Whether you use medium format, large format or 35mm cameras you can use the same workflow to edit, adjust and process your RAW files. This will save you a tremendous amount of time and effort; time that can be much better spent with your camera.

Customize the color flow to suit your own color requirements
Capture One is fully ICC compliant. A wide range of ICC camera and destination profiles come with Capture One PRO out-of-the-box to ensure a consistent and accurate color workflow. The PRO version includes a color editor, which allows you to adjust existing camera profiles to suit your own color requirements. In addition, 3rd party ICC camera or destination profiles can easily be embedded in Capture One.

Easy output and sharing of images
With Capture One PRO you can easily share low resolution previews or high resolution final images with your clients through html contact sheets or as individual files making the approval process both convenient and straightforward.

Images are processed at your specified size and resolution with crops, in a choice of formats and RGB or CMYK color spaces on-the-fly, for proofing or direct printing. Images can be processed individually or in batch. The same image can be output at multiple resolutions, sizes and/or formats simultaneously e.g. one for print, one for web and one for archiving in order to optimize the workflow.

By mean of advanced digital interpolation, images can be significantly enlarged while maintaining the high quality of the original RAW image.

Cross platform support for maximum flexibility
Capture One PRO allows you to work on both Windows and Mac platforms with the same user license so you get a high degree of work flexibility and can take advantage of the best of the two worlds.

Multiple activations and major updates for free included in the same license
Both the LE and the PRO version of Capture One give you the opportunity to install the software on two computers. With Capture One PRO two major application updates are also included in the license; this gives you great value for your money and you are sure to have an up-to-date application for a foreseeable future at no additional cost. 

Want to know more about the differences between DB, LE and PRO? 
Click here to access specific information on the similarities and differences between the current DB, LE and PRO versions of Capture One.


Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro
For Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X 10.3.8 and later.
Upgrade: Capture One LE to PRO
For Windows 2000/XP
Upgrade: Capture One LE to PRO
For Mac OS X 10.3.8 and later.
Upgrade: Capture One PRO to PRO
UPGRADE: Capture One PRO to PRO for Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X 10.3.8 and later
Upgrade: Capture One DB to PRO
For Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X 10.3.8 and later
Upgrade: Capture One REBEL to PRO
For Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X 10.3.8 and later
Upgrade: Capture One SE to PRO
For Windows 2000/XP. Please note that this is NOT the free upgrade path from SE to PRO.
Upgrade: Capture One SE to PRO
For Mac OS X 10.3.8 and later. Please note that this is NOT the free upgrade path from SE to PRO.


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