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X-Rite DensiEye 700 Densitometer

DensiEye 100

Fast, Automated and Affordable Pressroom Densitometer

The new DensiEye 100 is very easy to use, making it perfectly suited to anyone with only a basic knowledge of print quality control. Users have direct visual access to the most commonly used functions and density readings without even pressing a key. The clear Pass/Fail Indicator (PFI) provides quick results and lets users move on to the next measurement without even needing to look at the display unless the PFI alarm flashes.

DensiEye 100 is equipped with LED technology for low power consumption and is capable of up to 500,000 measurements per battery set (DensiEye uses standard AA batteries). This means less maintenance and fewer battery replacements. DensiEye 100 can easily communicate with any PC through the USB port.

DensiEye 100 can easily be upgraded to a fully-featured DensiEye 700 to include all the necessary functions for highly detailed measurements. An optional smaller aperture (which can include a polarization filter) is also available for measuring small strips as required in magazine and newspaper printing environments.


DensiEye 100

X-Rite DensiEye 100 Densitometer

DensiEye 100 Measurement Functions
Density (incl. Difference)
Gray Balance (incl. Difference)
Automatic color recognition
Automatic patch type recognition (Solid, Gray Balance)
Automatic paper white recognition
References Sets (incl. Solids, Gray Balance) 6 sets

Density Calibration
Pass/Fail indicator
Corrective advise
Absolute / relative White base

Measurement technology
Illumination: 3 LED (RGB)
Measurement geometry: 45°/0°
Receiver: Photodiode
Measurement Aperture: 3 mm or 1.6 mm
Polarization filter: With or Without
Density Standards (Filter Sets): Status I, E or T (according to ISO 5-3)
Measurement range: 0,00 – 3,00 D
Linearity: ± 0,01 D or ± 1%
Repeatability: 0,00 – 2,50 D: ± 0,01 D or ± 1% max./td>
2,50 – 3,00 D: ± 0,03 D or ± 3% max.
Inter instrument agreement: ± 0,02 D or ± 2%
Measurement time: 0.5s

Data Interface

Power Supply:
Batteries: 2 Alkaline 1.5V size AA
Measurements / battery set



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