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Repleo wide format inkjet cartridge recycling

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Lyson Lysonic Bulk Inks


Lysonic bulk inks are suitable for use in all Epson 4-color printers, all Epson 6-color printers, the Epson Photo 2200, the Epson R2400, all Epson Pro wide format printers and most aqueous printer models from Roland, Mimaki and Mutoh. Cleaning cartridges must be used before changing from original inks to Lysonic inks.

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Bulk Ink Bottles

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Part Number Color Size Price top
LC.4 Lysonic Cyan 4 oz. $19.00
LM.4 Lysonic Magenta 4 oz. $19.00
LY.4 Lysonic Yellow 4 oz. $19.00
LK.4 Lysonic Black 4 oz. $19.00
LLK.4 Lysonic Light Black 4 oz. $19.00
LLK.4 Lysonic Light Light Black 4 oz. $19.00
LDC.4 Lysonic Dilute Cyan 4 oz. $19.00
LDM.4 Lysonic Dilute Magenta 4 oz. $19.00
LC.8 Lysonic Cyan 8 oz. $32.00
LM.8 Lysonic Magenta 8 oz. $32.00
LY.8 Lysonic Yellow 8 oz. $32.00
LK.8 Lysonic Black 8 oz. $32.00
LLK.8 Lysonic Light Black 8 oz. $32.00
LLLK.8 Lysonic Light Light Black 8 oz. $32.00
LDC.8 Lysonic Dilute Cyan 8 oz. $32.00
LDM.8 Lysonic Dilute Magenta 8 oz. $32.00
LC.1 Lysonic Cyan 1 Liter $125.00
LM.1 Lysonic Magenta 1 Liter $125.00
LY.1 Lysonic Yellow 1 Liter $125.00
LK.1 Lysonic Black 1 Liter $125.00
LLK.1 Lysonic Light Black 1 Liter $125.00
LLLK.1 Lysonic Light Light Black 1 Liter $125.00
LDC.1 Lysonic Dilute Cyan 1 Liter $125.00
LDM.1 Lysonic Dilute Magenta 1 Liter $125.00


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