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ProfileMaker 5

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PM5 Photostudio Pro | Modules | Bundles | Upgrades

Build, edit and fine tune color profiles faster and easier with ProfileMaker 5. New features and enhancements deliver even more expert control. Choose the Photostudio Pro package to profile all of the devices used in a typical studio photography workflow. It ensures that you will capture a broad gamut of colors so you’ll need less retouching. You’ll save time and money, while enhancing output quality.

Featuring modules to manage all of your color imaging devices and processes

  • Digital Camera – create ICC profiles for digital cameras
  • Monitor – capture color information and create ICC profiles for CRT and LCD displays
  • Output – create ICC profiles for RGB, CMYK, Hexachrome® and CMYK + Red/Green output devices
  • Editor – edits profiles or fine tunes the ones you’ve created working with lightness, contrast, saturation, white point or gradation curves.
  • ColorPicker – converts spot colors (CxF or Pantone) to process color
  • MeasureTool – for data collection from color measurement devices and accurate profile computation

Add color measurement that meets your budget and automation needs

  • Eye-One Bundle – includes an Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer for high precision, low volume measurements via semi-automated strip reading capabilities. Offers the added capability of ambient light measurement – ideal for reading both flash and continuous light to be taken into account when building custom device profiles.
  • iCColor Bundle – includes iCColor 210 automated spectral chart reader for higher volume measurement of test charts. Also includes Eye-One Display device for profiling CRT and LCD monitors.
  • Spectrolino/SpectroScan Bundle – includes Spectrolino spectrophotometer and SpectroScan automatic x/y table for the highest level of automation and flexibility when making color measurements. The Spectrolino can also profile all types of monitors.

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Part Number
Software and Module Access Codes
35.50.02 PM5 Photostudio Pro (software only) - Comprehensive, high-end color management solution for professional photographers working in a color critical environment. Provides capability to create ICC profiles for digital cameras, monitors and output devices. Includes Digital Camera, Digital ColorChecker SG, PM5 Monitor, PM5 Output, PM5 Editor, PM5 ColorPicker and PM5 Measure Tool Basic. $2,225.00

35.50.74 PM5 Digital Camera Module - Allows creation of digital camera profiles only. Digital ColorChecker SG sold separately. $355.00

36.83.57 PM5 Monitor Module - Monitor calibration and profile generation $179.00

35.50.73 PM5 Output Module - Completely customizable RGB, CMYK and Hexachrome / CMYK+Red+Blue / CMYK+Red+Green output profile generation. Includes MeasureTool. $1,795.00

35.50.19 PM5 Editor Module - Provides ability to edit all types of profiles, including multi-color, even in device channels; ICC profile post-linearization tool; spot color reproducibility check; and 2D/3D gamut view. $715.00

35.50.20 PM5 ColorPicker Module - Allows creation of customer palettes. Spot color conversions into device channels including chromatic adaptation. $265.00

35.50.75 PM5 MeasureTool Module - Test chart generation and measurement; measurement data averaging and comparison; and process control tools like optical density, gradation curves and dot gain. $535.00

35.50.14 PM5 DeviceLink Tool Module - ICC compatible device linking workflows for RGB and CMYK color spaces. Preserve & clean black channel, clean primaries. $1,795.00



PM5 Eye-One Process Control Module - Includes Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer and PM5 Measure Tool module, providing the ability to read and evaluate Density, Dot Gain and Color. Control strips like the Fogra Media step wedge can be measured in a convenient scan mode to determine values and tolerances. $1,615.00

Part Number
35.50.07 PM5 Photostudio Pro Eye-One Bundle - Includes PM5 Photostudio Pro software and Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer with ambient measurement head. $2,595.00

35.50.59 PM5 Photostudio Pro Eye-One UV Bundle - Includes PM5 Photostudio Pro software and Eye-One Pro UV spectrophotometer with ambient measurement head. $2,795.00

35.50.08 PM5 Photostudio Pro iCColor Bundle - Includes PM5 Photostudio Pro software, iCColor 210 spectrophotometer and Eye-One Display colorimeter. $4,895.00



PM5 Photostudio Pro Spectrolino/SpectroScan Bundle - Includes PM5 Photostudio Pro software and Spectrolino spectrophotometer and SpectroScan automated x/y table. $5,845.00

Part Number
35.50.97 PM Upgrade PM5 Package Box and Empty Dongle $180.00

35.50.89 PM Upgrade Digital Camera 4.x to PM5 Digital Camera $175.00

35.50.83 PM Upgrade Editor 4.x to PM5 Editor $265.00

35.50.87 PM Upgrade Input 4.x to PM5 Input Scanner $175.00



PM Upgrade Output 4.x to PM5 Output $535.00


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