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Prepress 300 Series

Prepress transmission densitometers for desktop publishers, service bureaus, trade shops and printers

X-Rite 361T Densitometer

Part Number


Tabletop Transmission Densitometer

Measures density (up to 6.0D) and dot area. Used to linearize imagesetters, adjust exposure, perform processor quality control, verify duplicated or contacted films. UV mode measures film base fog and evaluates diazo films.

Product Features:

  • Measuring area: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm apertures standard (.05mm optional)
  • Measures negative and positive percent dot area
  • Includes both Ortho and UV densitometer responses
  • Includes interface cable for transmitting dot area readings to computers


Transmission Densitometer

The 341C Portable Transmission Densitometer concentrates the best features of a tabletop densitometer inside a compact, portable, and economical hand-held unit. We designed the 341C as a completely self-contained instrument able to take measurements anywhere you need.

The X-Rite 341C includes a calibrated, internal light source. It meets global standards for geometry of a transmission densitometer, including proper diffusion of the light source, enabling true measurement values. The 341C measures density and dot area with extraordinary accuracy — in fact, it's capable of measuring densities greater than 5.0D. The 341C includes a calibration reference that is traceable to ISO standards for transmission densitometry. Measures density (up to 5.0D) and dot area on conventional or high-density linear films; verifies the Dmax of films; measures solid and screened areas of images on film.

Product Features:

  • New, easy-to-read touch pad
  • New NiMH battery that delivers 1,000+ measurements per charge
  • Fully rechargeable in only one hour, compared to 14 hours with the old battery
  • Uses a standard 12VDC battery charger, and is considerably more energy efficient! The charger is only active when the battery requires charging.
  • New LED light indicates instrument charging status
  • New "Sleep" mode will power down the instrument when not in use to conserve battery power
  • The 341C is ENERGY STAR* rated
  • Measuring area: 2mm and 3mm apertures (standard)
  • Built-in light table
  • Calibrated, internal light source
  • "Dot Area" function verifies screen tint values from contact films, duplicate films, or originals

X-Rite 341C Densitometer


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